Riyadi’s Spot

Photo : visitingjogja.com

For some people, travelling is not only for visiting or enjoying the tourist attraction. Other than enjoying the time of traveling, capturing the moment of travelling shouldn’t be missed especially when the tourist destination you visited has the beautiful and magnificent view. As in Yogyakarta where some tourism places in the beginning was just a photography favourite spot, only by the pictures they now become famous places where many people are really curious to see them. One of those places is Riyadi’s Spot.

Riyadi’s Spot is located in Sumberwatu, Sambirejo village, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. The name of “Riyadi’s Spot” derived from the name of Mr Riyadi’s house which is situated in front of this spot, in Sambirejo’s hill, Prambanan. This Riyadi’s spot is facing the Merapi Mountain. In Riyadi spot, we can see the scenery of Merapi volcano, Prambanan temple, the rice field and the village surrounding.

This Riyadi’s spot becomes popular because of some photographer’s picture that has been shared in social media. Most of the photographers usually come there to look for something like the clouds in the sunrise time and a beautiful night view of Prambanan temple to hunt. So we can say that “Riyadi’s spot” is the Prambanan temple’s Puthuk Setumbu.

Riyadi’s Spot is located near Sumberwatu Heritage Resort area and Abhayagiri Restaurant. From the city centre of Yogyakarta you can reach this spot by the main gate of the border of Yogyakarta and Central Java where you will discover a small street to the south. From this place, you have to go to the south to Sumberwatu Heritage Resort area. When you arrived already in the resort, you need to look for a small street behind that resort. You just have to follow the route till you find a guard post, then you should turn left. You will arrive at Riyadi’s spot in about 200 meters.

Riyadi’s spot is now starting to be developed as a small tourist location with a parking area and food court area. Day by day, the visitors are increased. Riyadi’s spot can be the affordable travel alternative to enjoy the beauty of the Prambanan temple from the top of the hill.



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