Pacarejo tourism village is located in Semanu, Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. Through the existence of Pokdarwis, the villagers work together to established this tourism village, which is now becoming developed village. Pacarejo village has several captivating nature tourism destinations you shouldn’t miss when you are on vacation in Gunung Kidul.

Jomblang Cave
This cave is located in Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo, Semanu. This cave is a 80 meters long vertical cave which is connected to Grubug cave that located beside this cave. Jomblang Cave offers the beauty of limestone cliff, active stalactite and stalagmite, natural greenish vegeratation, also subterranean river flows into the ocean. One of Jomblang Cave uniqueness is the view of the ancient forest that could be seen rarely and that could be found when we are entering this cave. This ancient forest could be created if the bottom part of this cave gets sunlight. This ancient forest has been there since thousand years ago. You can come here everyday, but if you get here in a group of people, there would be a limited number of 25 persons for a session of caving acivity in Jomblang Cave. The entrance ticket of this tourism destination is quite expensive. It costs about IDR 500.000,-. Eventhough, you are guaranted to get an incredible experience and facilities.

Grubug Cave
It won’t be enough if you visit Jomblang cave without coming to Grubug Cave. This cave is located beside Jomblang cave. On the top of this cave there’s a hole with the diameters of 10 meter and the height of 90 meters. This hole becomes a way where the sun can light the cave’s bottom up and make the beautiful spotligt inside the dark cave. The best timing to enjoy seeing this unique nature phenomenon is at 10.00 a.m up to 12.00 p.m.


Kalisuci is the main attraction in Pacarejo tourism village which offers river tubing and cave tracing tour package. The river stream of Kalisuci is actually connected to Jomblang and Grubug cave. This place is claimed as the first cave tracing tour area in Indonesia. In Kalisuci cave, we can see the beauty of karts hill and also the cave which has natural green stream of the underground river. This cave is quite long and has 3 meters depth. The distance of river tracing activity is 500 meters or we need to take about 2 hours to do this activity. Surely, you will get an extraordinary experience. This river tubing and cave tracing activity cost IDR 80.000. It’s such an affordable price.

Jonge Lake
Jonge lake is also the one of tourist destinations you shouldn’t miss when you are on vacation in Pacarejo tourism village. This place is not only always full of visitors on vacation, but also on weekdays. This lake offers the nature beauty of the beautiful and spacious lake view. Other than nature scenery, there are also fun water games and water park. Jonge lake is claimed as the one of the lakes that never beem dried out in Yogkakarta even on dry season. The local people believe that it is because of Mbah Jonge, the elder of Jonge village who became royal soldier during Majapahit Kingdom Era. The local people believe that Mbah Jonge did Moksha, a kind of meditation in the middle of this lake, and they believe that what Mbah Junge has done, made this lake never being dried out.


The facilities provided in Pacarejo tourism village are complete enough. There are bathroom or public toilete, mushola, food court area, and homestay for the visitors who want to stay overnight in this tourism village.


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