Jogja is one of the favorite tourist destinations, local and foreign tourists take turns coming to this special city. Jogja is rich in natural tourist destinations to be rich in culture. Various interesting places make tourists very enthusiastic come to Jogja. Jogja offers many tourist options. Even Kla Project proudly presents a song called the name of this city. Make every traveler who hears always want to come back.

Jogja with its many attractions, from natural attractions, food, culture, will make you fall in love. Do you want to have a vacation in Jogja but with a cheap budget? Don’t worry, this time Visiting Jogja will share tips for cheap holidays in Jogja

1. Choose Cheap Lodging

Sosrowijayan is the name of an area near Malioboro, if you want to find cheap lodging and near Malioboro, the Sosrowijayan area is the right place. You just need to walk from Malioboro to find lodging that suits you. For Prawirotaman itself, the distance is quite far, which is 4.5 kilometers from Malioboro. However, prawirotaman also presents its own privileges. Prawirotaman is famous for its night tours, so if you go there later than 10 at night. You will find a hangout that is busy with local and foreign tourists. Lodging there is also relatively cheap.

2. Eat Like a Local

Culinary is indeed one of the tourist options when we are on vacation in Jogja. However, culinary attractions that are already well-known often set high prices. So, if we want to save, we must be able to arrange the time for the culinary tour. For example, only once a day on a culinary tour, the rest eat like local people eat. We could eat meatballs, soup, chicken noodles or other local foods are certainly suitable on the tongue witg the affordable. price

3. Rent a car for groups

In Jogja, many tourist attractions are located on the out of the city and there are quite difficult to reach due to limited public transportation. However, this can be tricked by renting a car, especially if we go in groups. Many car rental services also provide city tour packages that we can choose, and the prices starting from IDR 375,000 / 12 hours. Or if there is a friend who can drive a car and has a driver licence, we can rent a car without driver for approximately IDR 200,000 / 12 hours. This is of course much more efficient and efficient. By renting a car that is calculated daily, we can explore all corners of Jogja freely.

4. Rent a Motorbike (2 person)

Renting a motorbike as a means of transportation for tourists who want to get around Jogja together is recommended. As with a car, renting a motorbike will save our transportation costs and travel time. Only with IDR 50,000 / motorbike, we can go anywhere and stop whenever we want.

5. Take advantage of Trans Jogja

Public transportation facilities that can be relied on when traveling to Jogja is Trans Jogja. These Trans Jogja buses can take us on trips to several Yogyakarta landmarks by only paying Rp. 3,600 for one way. We can visit at least 10 places, such as Prambanan Temple, Malioboro, Tugu Jogja, and Gembira Loka Zoo.

6. Visit Popular Tourist Places at Low Prices

When visiting Jogja, we can find so many popular tourist attractions with low ticket prices, even free. For example, Malioboro, Zero Kilometer, Vredeburg Fort, Tugu Jogja, Keraton, Sonobudoyo Museum and Tamansari. We can visit these tourist spots by buying an entrance ticket which costs less than ten thousand rupiah, and some can even be enjoyed free of charge.

7. Don’t hesitate to bargain when shopping at Malioboro

Souvenirs become important when we travel somewhere. But not infrequently, these gifts become a burden for us. One of the ways we can do is bargain the price. Never hesitate to bargain on the items we want to buy because the price we get depends on how good we are at bargaining.

8. Take advantage of friends / friends who live in Jogja

If you have close friends or acquaintances that live in Jogja, don’t hesitate to let them know that you are going to visit there. Maybe you are invited to stay at his house, quite saving on lodging money. Or at least he can tell you where to go and where to eat cheap. All kinds of “shortcut” assistance will always make your vacation easier.

9. Look for tourist attractions that are still rarely visited

Maybe these tips are a little difficult to follow, but they are quite effective for those of you who like to find new experiences. Because usually natural attractions that have just opened the entry ticket price is relatively cheap. These new places are usually known only to certain people. Maybe you can look for recommendations on the internet.

10. Don’t forget to install the Visiting Jogja application

In the “New Normal” Era. For tourists who want to visit tourist destinations in Jogja, please download the Visiting Jogja application to make reservations of your ticket and collect your data visitation.

Download and install the visiting Jogja application via Playstore or at the link:

Hopefully the traveling tips above can be useful for you to visit Jogja comfortably and safely … 😉🙏


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