Ayam Goreng Code

Photo : @tresye_tanojo

This restaurant is located in the east of Code River, perhaps for that reason, it called as “Ayam Goreng Code”. For chicken lovers, you should visit this place and tasting the food because this restaurant provides chicken cuisine that differs from another. Semur Ayam Kampung or stews organic chicken wrapped with a seasoning of salt, sweet, savory and tasty make it different with another. Besides that, chili and hot rice added that makes this cuisine more delicious. Moreover, this restaurant also provides another menu such as quail and duck for you who do not like to eat chicken.

Photo By @tresye_tanojo

This restaurant is located in Jl. Jagalan No.19 A, it around 5 minutes from Malioboro by motorcycle. Please try to taste this chicken cuisine as the characteristic of Code River and Yogyakarta. Besides that, from the second floor of this restaurant, you can see the scenery of Code River and Ledok Code that populist and legendary.


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