Maria Tritis Cave

Maria Tritis Cave is a cave that located between limestone hill which is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics. The existence of a worship place between the karsts hill aridity is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. It’s called Tritis because of the water always drip in this cave.
Initially, this cave considered as a silent and haunted place so that there were many people did not have courage to come in it. Therefore, this cave was used as a place to retreat and stopover by several princes of Mataram Kingdom. The beginning of the popularity of this cave among Catholics was about in 1974, when it was used as a Christmas Eucharist. Since then, this cave name was given a following name “Maria” and became a Maria Tritis Cave which was a pilgrimage place for Catholics. Stalactites and stalagmites beauty increasingly be a joy of praying and a beautiful contemplation place for God’s creation.

Maria Tritis Cave does not have many ornaments, it only has a Mother Mary statue praying, a big cross and several rows of benches to pray. Before entering the Maria Tritis Cave, pilgrims should follow a footpath that splits out a teak tree field. During the trip, visitors will find stations containing diorama of the Jesus crucifixion process.

Finding Maria Tritis Cave location is not that difficult. It is located approximately 50 km towards Yogyakarta City, Baron Beach, precisely in Bulu Hamlet, Gunungkidul Regency, Wonosari. From Wonosari-Yogyakarta, there is the Gading intersection (near a grass runway airfield) and turn right to Playen-Paliyan-Trowono Market-Singkil. There is also another route that can be taken is through Wonosari to Baron Beach. Before Baron Beach, there is T-junction again (a signpost is available) and then turn right.

The pilgrims can continue to another trip near to the Maria Tritis Cave. Some of the tourist destinations around the Maria Tritis Cave including Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Krakal Beach, Ngobaran Beach, Ngrenehan Beach and many places that worth to visit.


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