Ngetun Gunungkidul Beach, A Beautiful Tiny Bay is Rarely Touchable

Looking for beautiful beaches and rarely touched or visited? Just come to Ngetun Gunungkidul Beach. Flanked by two high hills and a small area make the Ngetun Beach like a beautiful tiny bay.

Many people call this tiny bay Ngetun beach, but if you visit the beach, you will find a very small direction sign called Ngitun beach. Now which one is right? You must come to prove it by yourself of a beautiful beach that is already popularly known as the Ngetun Gunungkidul Beach. You can ask it directly the history of Ngetun / Ngitun name.

The beauty of Ngetun / Ngitun beach is almost the same as the beaches in Gunungkidul which are already popular for many tourists. The beautiful, clean and white sand accompanied by the hilly landscape in Gunungkidul makes it becomes such an unique characteristic to the beaches in Gunungkidul including Ngetun beach.

Then, What is the Uniqueness of Ngetun Beach?

This beach is located in Nglambor beach or Siung Beach that is flanked by two high hills. Visitors can also go up to the hill to see the Ngetun beach beauty from the high cliffs. It is flanked by two hills so that the beach becomes similar to a small or tiny bay. Therefore, this beach is still rarely visited by the tourists and only people who like new attractions often visit to the virgin beaches.

Tips for Visiting Ngetun Beach

Are you curious about to visit to this beach? If so, you can start planning with some things, one of those is a prime vehicle. The access to the beach is quite difficult because the road is still rocky and has not been paved. However, this is such a fun and challenging thing. Using motorbike the tourists have to make sure that their vehicles are really fit and tough. If the tire is leaking, you will push the motorbike away for miles to the nearest tire patch.

Location of Ngetun Gunungkidul Beach

If you plan to visit this tiny bay beach then you can take the route to Siung beach or Wediombo beach. From the city center you will find a signpost to the two beach locations. For the Ngetun / Ngitun beach the location is in west of Timang beach. The beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus Sub-district, Gunung Kidul Regency. the directions to Ngetun Beach / Ngitun Beach are very small. so if you are worried about getting lost it would be better if you ask to the people around you.


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