For nature lovers, Kulon Progo can be the right choice for a vacation. The northern part of Kulon Progo is located in the Menoreh Hills area which holds a lot of natural tourism potential. Menoreh Hills itself is a hilly area that stretches in the districts of Kulon Progo, Magelang, and Purworejo.

Menoreh Hill has the highest point called Suroloyo Peak. Suroloyo Peak height is about 1.091 Mdpl. From this peak, tourists can see scenery of four mountains at once, namely Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, and Sumbing. Therefor, it is not surprising that Puncak Suroloyo is a favorite destination for them.

Suroloyo Peak has three viewing posts to enjoy Menoreh hilly landscape. The tourists have to climb hundreds of steps before finally reaching the top. However, during the long trip will be paid off by the wonderful scenery that makes heart amazed.

The best time to visit it is in dry season to see how beautiful and amazing sun rise and sun set are without any distraction. Amazingly, when the weather is very bright, Borobudur’s charm will also appear small between the valleys and four mountains.

Besides the interesting view, in durian season is also a reason for tourists to come to Suroloyo in droves. Durian Menoreh has an interesting aroma and thick and legit flesh. Every year Suroloyo routinely holds Durian Festival which is specifically held for this thorny fruit lovers. Besides being able to taste superior varieties of durian, the tourists can also directly buy durian seeds that have received certification from the Agriculture Service.

The route to the Suroloyo Peak is quite easy, but the drivers must be careful because of the steep and winding road. The vehicle must be ready and in a fit condition to pass the steep incline.

The route can start from Godean Street to Kulon Progo. Then, there is intersection and take a right towards Kalibawang about 15 kilometers. After that, in the left side of the road there will be a signpost to go to the Puncak Suroloyo.

Entering the Suroloyo Peak tourist attraction area, the tourists must pay a ticket of IDR 2,000 per person. Whereas if you use the ojek service, the route from the Bendo T-junction to the Soroloyo Peak round trip, you need to pay IDR 50,000.


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