Baron Beach

Photo : Ig @arirhotrika

Baron Beach is the most popular beach in Gunung Kidul district. This beach is the first beach that found if visiting the group of the beach along Gunung Kidul district. The Number of the beach such as Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Sepanjang Beach, Krakal Beach, and Sundak beach is in line, present natural beauty of the waves for the tourists.

Photo By @arirhotrika

Baron Beach located in Kemandang Village, Tanjungsari district about 23 kilometers in the south of Wonosari city (40 kilometers from the city of Yogyakarta). Baron Beach is popular as fish catching area. There is also a mouth of Underground River that can use for bathing after playing in the beach. Baron Beach not only provides a natural beauty of the big wave. The visitors can enjoy various kinds of low-priced seafood or fresh fish such as lobster, white pomfret and tuna. Kakap fish soup is the most popular food in Baron Beach.

Furthermore, there is a special event that very interesting namely Sedekah Laut ceremony in Baron Beach. Every Syuro month (the first month of the Javanese calendar), the fisherman societies organized this ceremony to express their gratitude to God for the abundant fish harvest and for the welfare in fishing.

Photo By @bsallsa_

The route to go to Baron Beach is quite easy and interesting because it passes a place called Pengunungan Seribu (a thousand mountains). From the city of Yogyakarta, drive to the city center of Wonosari and follow the sign to go to Baron Beach. There are signboards to go to Baron beach that will help you to reach Baron Beach.


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