Soto Sawah Bu Hadi

Photo by @natalinarahayu

Soto Sawah that was well known as Soto Sawah Bu Hadi founded in the 70s. In 1973, Kromoinangun (the founder) bequeathed this warung (food stall) to his daughter Bu Hadi, who runs this restaurant until now.  Soto Sawah has a different concoction that makes it more special than other existing Soto.  This Soto has a savory flavor with a sweet taste that is slightly more dominant.

Soto Sawah Bu Hadi located in Jl. Soragan No.13, Cungkuk, Ngestiharjo, Kasihan, Bantul district. From Mirota Godean (supermarket), turn left or goes to the south side. After that, pass the railway approximately 100 m, and Soto Sawah Bu Hadi is on your left. The main menu in this restaurant is Soto Ayam Kampung. However, this restaurant also provides a number of complementary foods such as tempeh bacem, fried tempeh, perkedel, fried chicken, and several beverages. You only need to pay IDR 10,000, to tasting one serving of this Soto.

Photo by @bacardilemon7up

Soto Sawah Bu Hadi is one of the legendary Soto stalls in Yogyakarta. The customers come from inside and outside of Yogyakarta who took the time to enjoy a bowl of this Soto. The people think that they haven’t visited Yogyakarta when they haven’t tasted Soto Sawah Bu Hadi.

Interesting for trying this Soto? This restaurant is open from 07.00 in the morning until it runs out.


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