Who hasn’t heard “Es Buah PK”? Our patience tested to eat in this place. We need to pass along queue and wait for the ordered food. Don’t imagine this place is a representative restaurant or stand with table, chair and has air condition. Only use a tent and cart with scattered seats it not reduce the taste of this “Es Buah PK” (fruit ice).

Photo By @yoyolauw

More than 15 years, this stand provides a legendary food that scattered in Yogyakarta. The main menus of this stand are mixed fruit ice dessert and meatball. This stand only provides two menus but it doesn’t lose its loyal customers. Usually, at lunchtime, it crowd of customers. They stand to queue, wait for order food, and looking for the seat that full of customers. Normally, the customers who already ate with their awareness leave the seat for people that newly come.

The special characteristic of this “Es Buah PK” is sweet taste, natural ingredient and varies of fruits. The customers often order “Es Buah” as the main menu or they order both of “ES Buah” and meatball.


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