Goa Cemara Beach


Three of five districts in Yogyakarta have several southern coast tourism. If you look further, it turns out that these three districts have their respective coastal characters. Gunungkidul is famous for its white sand beaches and coral beaches. Bantul with a vast expanse of black sand, and Kulon Progo with a pier and a breakwater.

Talking about beaches in Bantul, most people only know Parangtritis Beach, but try to explore the western part of Parangtritis occasionally. There will be a lot of beaches that have different characteristics from Parangtritis, for example, Goa Cemara Beach.

From that name you can imagine there will be a lot of pine trees found here. In fact, Goa Cemara Beach does have a very extensive pine forest area. Even so many pine trees here that form like a cypress hall.

The sandy beach scenery with lush pine trees and sunlight peeking out from the foliage is the attraction of photography lovers. More than that there are also the bride and groom couples who capture the moment of pre-wedding them here.

In addition to pine forests, where there is also a lighthouse about 40 meters high. Visitors can climb the lighthouse but are limited to only two people per session. To climb the lighthouse, the visitors only pay IDR 5,000/2 people for the entrance ticket. On top of the lighthouse, they can enjoy the beauty of the beaches around the Goa Cemara, the expanse of pine forests along the coastline, and also the blue sea that lies wide.

Facilities at Goa Cemara Beach are standard such as bathrooms /toilets, prayer rooms, parking areas and food stalls that provide snacks and heavy foods such as seafood and iconic lethek noodles of Bantul.

Administratively, this beach is located in Patehan hamlet, Gandingsari village, Sanden sub-district, Bantul district, Yogyakarta. Access to this beach is not that difficult with a full asphalt road to the shoreline. The journey starts from Yogyakarta to Bantul until at the intersection of Palbapang turn right. The second traffic light turn left, go straight finding a signpost to go to Goa Cemara Beach.


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