Baron Beach, Mainland and Ocean Dramatic Meetings

The most popular beach in Gunungkidul, because this beach is the first beach that will be found if you visit a cluster of sea and land, a symbol of the beauty of Gunungkidul beach tourism. Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Sepanjang Beach, Krakal Beach and Sundak Beach are lined up there, pampering visitors from the waves of peace bearers.
Baron Beach is located in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari Sub-district, about 20 km south of Wonosari (40 km from Yogyakarta). The beach is a witness to the meeting between seawater and fresh water, which is the result of a river that empties into one corner of the baron beach, as a symbol of meeting two hearts with different backgrounds. The tourists will enjoy the breeze that brings the waves with a stretch of sand. It also has meant that someone patiently waiting for the beloved one to arrive.
The results of Baron’s wealth such as large shrimp (lobster), white pomfret, snapper, cob are also ready to visitors, whether fresh or has ready. As a recommendation, the bestseller menu in this place is Snapper Sop.
One of the most memorable things in this place is the Sea Alms Ceremony which is held by the local fishing community every suro month in the Javanese calendar. This event is as an expression of gratitude to the Almighty God for the abundance of sea products that have been given.
The route to reach Baron Beach is not difficult. From Yogyakarta, we go to the center of Wonosari. After that, we pass the Baron road which is the only one to go to the beach. Don’t worry! because there are many signposts to make it easier for us to go to this beach.


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