On Sunday, March 17, 2019, 1200 cyclists was taking part as the participants of Tour de Jogja 2019. The participants started their journey at 6 A.M taking place at parking lot of Ramayana Ballet Theater. Passed through several areas in Yogyakarta which are Prambanan-Cangkringan-Pakem-Turi-Tempel–Seyegan–Minggir–Nanggulan–Pengasih-Sentolo–Moyudan–Seyegan-Cebongan–Pendowoharjo–Rejodani–Gentan-Kalasan and back to Prambanan as finish point. It took 142 kilometers in total for the participants to finish their race.

Implementing the theme of the event “Exploride to Happy Life”, the race put some tourist destinations as its attraction. Accompanied by challenging start because of the rain, the racers showed their enthusiasm on the whole event, bring it into a successful end. Another fact that makes it special is the participation of some foreign bicyclists from several countries, such as USA, Canada, Belgium, Singapore, and Malaysia, as non-race participants.

The race of Tour de Jogja 2019 was divided into some categories: Men 20, Men 30, Men 40, Men 50, Women Open, No Race, Folding Bike and VIP. In order to finish it, the participants had to pass through three check-points (CP). First CP was located at Sumber Agung, the second at Gembongan, and the last one was at Gentan. With a duration of 6 hours 30 minutes, the first participants touched the finish lane at 12.30 P.M.The activities was closed with the rewards conferment for the champions, with the total amount of 50 million Rupiah, and door prizes distributions for the lucky ones. (san/asw)

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