Jogja Etnic Story


Tourism industry has been the economy booster in any districts in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. Located strategically in Java Island, next to Central Java, Yogyakarta be a region whose culture richness. The friendly people, the unique cultural heritage, and the richness of the tradition make Yogyakarta be the recommended destination for the travelers.

There are myriad of tourism charms in Yogyakarta including natural, historical, culture, education, adventure, and culinary attractions. Keraton (the Palace) and Tugu Monument are tourism icons of Yogyakarta that symbolize history as well as culture which treasure symbolic and philosophic values in them. Although competing with many new tourist attractions, Yogyakarta Palace still holds its cultural values.

In relation with the spatial of Yogyakarta, there is an axis that lies longitudinally from the South side of Yogyakarta to the North which is known as philosophical symbol that has high philosophical cultural values. The axis depicts the concept of human’s life including where they are from and their life purposes or is also known as Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana.

However, currently the source of information regarding the explanation about philosophical axis is very limited, thus a guidebook about this philosophical axis is needed. Yogyakarta Tourism Authority sees that this problem is important to be solved. Tourism and cultural potentials in Yogyakarta needs to be strengthened and preserved. Moreover, innovations and new strategies need to be made in order to increase tourists’ interests and LoS (Length of Stay) in Yogyakarta.

This book is released in a form of narration of philosophical axis as one of the innovations and strategies to solve the problem and the challenge, so that it is expected that tourists will get a new experience when visiting Yogyakarta. Furthermore, this book is also expected to escalate the image of culture based tourism that can strengthen the economy in Yogyakarta.

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