One way to give yourself new experiences and pleasures is to go to natural attractions. There are a lot of different types of nature tourism, from mountains and beaches to beaches and rivers to the bottom of the earth. It might be a good choice for people who like to travel with water-themed things. Kedung Bendo is a good option. It is one of the natural waterfalls in Purwosari Village, Girimulyo sub-district, Kulon Progo Regency. This waterfall will make you feel cool and fresh, and the sound of gurgling water coming from the direction of the waterfall will also be there. Because the waterfall isn’t far from the city center, it’s great for people who want a vacation but only have a short amount of time. From Jogja, you can take this Kedung Bendo Waterfall in about an hour or two, based on whether or not you drive quickly or have to deal with traffic in the city at the time.

The natural photo spots with small rocks neatly arranged against the backdrop of the waterfall add to the waterfall’s uniqueness. It would be fantastic and relaxing if you could take photos there. Kedung Bendo’s tourist attraction is more than just a photo opportunity. You’re sure to want to dive into the green water that is held under the flow of the waterfall. When you arrive at the waterfall, your desire to play in the water is very hard to keep in check. You can swim all the way to the bottom of the waterfall if you’re good at swimming. The splash of water that doesn’t move too quickly will make you feel like a hundred fingers are massaging you. This waterfall also has a water basin formed by nature, so it has more water. These natural pools are very different from one another, with the deepest part going as far as 2.5 m down. Friends and family who can swim should always be there to help those who can’t swim. You can still enjoy the natural feel of the water by playing in the water outside of the falls. If you want to swim, you can also jump from the cliff that is next to the waterfall. The height of this cliff is still safe for people to jump off of because it is only about 5 m.

This Kedung Bendo area has several waterfalls. Names have been given to three of them. The three that have been named are Glimpsing, Ratmi, and Gandu. Some other waterfalls have not been named, but their beauty isn’t any less beautiful than other waterfalls in this area. To get to the waterfall with this bluish-green water reservoir, you must walk from your vehicle’s parking lot. Along the way, you will smell the earth and fresh air and the scent of the trees. The contour of the road, which is still covered in wet soil, requires caution, as the road is quite slippery. For people who go with someone special, this is the right time to see how sensitive each other is.

Plenty of the existing facilities in this area isn’t done yet. There aren’t any stalls or places to eat on the site yet. Bring your own lunch from home, and you’ll have to clean up the waste. In this tourist spot, there is a prayer room and bathroom for rinsing the body after a cool swim. For those of you who don’t want to play in the water, there are gazebos where you can sit and enjoy the waterfall and the rural setting. Because it hasn’t been run properly, this tourist spot hasn’t been charged a fee or for free. To park the vehicle you bring, you only need to have money for about Rp. 2,000-Rp. 5,000, which is how much it costs. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should bring a motorbike to get to this tourist spot. It will be hard when two cars pass each other because the road is small.


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