Phenomenal Gudeg in Jogja


Going to Jogja and not trying the Gudeg? Bro, you’re empty! Try all of the unique culinary delights in Jogja while you’re there. Jogja has long been known for its special sweet foods, one of which is known as Gudeg Jogja. Gudeg is a traditional Jogja dish made of Gori or young jackfruit cooked for a long time with spices and is usually served with krecek (a spicy stew dish), areh spices (a dish made from coconut milk that is seasoned, then boiled until thickened), and side dishes such as chicken, eggs, tofu, or tempeh. Gudeg is available everywhere, from street vendors to well-known restaurants. However, if you are interested in the famous gudeg in Jogja, here are some recommendations for fantastic gudeg in Jogja. It is starting from phenomenal due to its age to gudeg renowned for its uniqueness. Let’s see!

  1. Gudeg Yu Djum

When it comes to the gudeg center of Jogja, you can visit the Wijilan area, more specifically the eastern area of the north square. Gudeg Yu Djum is one of the most legendary gudeg in the Wijilan area. It has been in operation since 1950. There is no denying its legend.

  1. Gudeg Pawon

Perhaps it’s strange that when we go to a food stall, we go straight to the kitchen to get the food we want. But not at Gudeg Pawon, where it stands out. Visitors can enter the pawon (kitchen) directly to select and enjoy this sweet and delicious traditional Jogja cuisine.

  1. Gudeg Manggar

It is called “gudeg manggar” not because it is in the Manggar area but because it is made of “manggar,” or young coconut flowers, instead of young jackfruit. The unique flavor and texture, along with the shredded chicken, are sure to get you hooked. Gudeg Manggar is located at Jalan Srandhakan km 8, Bantul.


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