Murakabi Craft Nanggulan Natural Fiber Craft Center in Kulon Progo

foto : @murakabicraft_

Kulon Progo, one of the districts in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, has various handicrafts which are made as daily necessities and souvenirs when tourists come. One of the popular crafts in the area is the Nanggulan Natural Fiber craft. In Nanggulan, many craft centers sell their products. One of them is the Murakabi Craft shop, which is quite popular in the international market.

foto : @murakabicraft_

Murakabi Craft has been a center for making natural fiber crafts since 1999, based in Sedang Hamlet, Tanjungharjo Village, Kapanewon Nanggulan. Starting from utilizing discarded plant waste to process it into goods of high economic value and valuable products. Used plant waste such as water hyacinth, pandanus, banana fronds, agel fiber and palm leaves are used to produce various handicrafts with high selling value.

foto : @murakabicraft_

Pargono, the figure behind the birth of Murakabi Craft, explained that visitors can find various natural fiber handicrafts ranging from carpets, pots, flower vases, bags, to household furniture. Not only that, Murakabi Craft also produces products such as bags, small pouches and other large bags to follow the 2023 fashion trends. The price for each product is set from 10 thousand to hundreds of millions according to the products that visitors are interested in.

Translator: Rafah Camelia


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