Kotagede Silver Craft Center

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Crafts are a subsector closely linked to Indonesia’s tourism industry. Various types of handicrafts are produced with their own characteristics, ranging from handicrafts made of wood, metal, leather, glass, ceramics, textiles, to silver.

Yogyakarta is one of the centers for silver crafts, centered in Kotagede. This area, often dubbed the “Jewelry of Jogja,” is always bustling with domestic and international tourists. The numerous silver craft shops lined up are proof that many Kotagede residents depend on this particular craft subsector for their livelihood.

pic: @anshorsilver_kotagede

Kotagede silver crafts have existed since the Dutch colonial era. Initially, silver crafts were made exclusively for the orders of the Keraton (the royal palace). However, over time, the wife of the Dutch governor at that time, Mary Agnes, developed the silver craft industry in Kotagede.

The quality of these silver crafts is undeniable, as they have been passed down through generations. These silver crafts are made into various types of jewelry, such as bicycle miniatures, horse-drawn carriage miniatures, and other accessories that can serve as souvenirs for visitors. In fact, the sale of these silver crafts has even penetrated international markets.

All the silver crafts produced by the artisans in Kotagede are not only unique and beautiful but also high-value works of art. The prices of these silver crafts vary, ranging from 10,000 to tens of millions of Rupiah, depending on the complexity of their creation.

pic : @anshorsilver_kotagede

Seeing the very beautiful silver jewelry, many international tourists seek silver jewelry as accessories or souvenirs. Consequently, the production of silver crafts has increased rapidly due to the high number of consumers placing orders.

The development of silver crafts in Kotagede marks the beginning of economic growth and serves as the primary livelihood for local residents. Silver crafting is a high-value creative industry that must be developed. This industry provides extensive job opportunities and can boost the regional and national economy.

Translator: Rafah Camelia


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