Angkringan Lik Man

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Who does not familiar with Angkringan? Angkringan is the place to gather together for young people in Jogja with the famous main menu called Nasi Kucing. The only rice or rice with a bit of Oseng Tempe, Oseng Teri or chili sauce and it wrapped with banana leaf. Nasi Kucing more delicious if eaten with various Satay that provided such as intestine Satay, quail egg Satay, mushroom Satay, Chicken Satay, fried food, crackers, and etc. This food called Nasi Kucing because it has a small portion, but it becomes the characteristic of Angkringan. Angkringan has a simple concept or populist with the aim to blend all levels of society for enjoying the typical menu of Angkringan without boundaries.

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One of the Angkringan that become tourism destination is Angkringan Lik Man. Its located near Tugu railway station. Angkringan Lik Man is one of Angkringan pioneers in Yogyakarta that now it become widely spread and appears such as mushroom in the rainy season. Furthermore, Angkringan Lik Man also becomes the first Angkringan that dare to present a new innovation menu of unique coffee drink that also typical for you to try namely Kopi Joss. Kopi Joss is hot coffee that given or dipped with hot charcoal, even it still burning. The word Joss itself allegedly comes from the sound of hot burning charcoal meet with hot coffee, so it sounds like joss at a glance.

The taste is unique, but its delicious and fresh, a new sensation for you who like to try new culinary especially coffee. In Jogja, you can find Kopi Joss in the Angkringan that lined on the road near Tugu station. Meanwhile, not all of Angkringan are offer Kopi Joss as one of their menus. The ones that have this unique coffee is Angkringan Lik Man that legendary in Jogja, it happens because the seller is the first pioneer of Angkringan business in this city of students. This Angkringan trade since the 1950s and heritable to Lik Man in 1969, and then as long as its progress emerge another Angkringan in this area.

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This Angkringan opens start from 18.00 until midnight and is located near Tugu Station. From the Station, go ahead until you find a pathway in westward, and then turn right, this Angkringan near from the bend on the left. The prices that offered for the foods and drinks start from Rp.1000,00. (one-thousand rupiah).? It is exciting, right? So, please dont miss to spend the night in Angkringan near this Tugu Station when you visited Yogyakarta. Feel the atmosphere of place for getting together that really reflecting how Jogja is very comfortable.


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