Countryside Specialty Cuisine in the Style of Bumbu Desa

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Bumbu Desa is a restaurant developed by Arief S. Wirawangsadita, who is one of Indonesia’s successful entrepreneurs. This restaurant has branches throughout Indonesia and even extends to foreign countries.

In this restaurant, you will be served with a countryside atmosphere. Additionally, what is
interesting about this restaurant is that the chefs are not graduates of formal education, but rather house helpers from the village.

If you are a culinary enthusiast, the signature Sundanese cuisine at Bumbu Desa can be one of your choices. You will be pampered with authentic Sundanese countryside dishes.
This restaurant is also equipped with supporting facilities such as VIP rooms, meeting rooms, toilets, a prayer room for muslim people, air conditioning, WiFi, and parking lot.
Bumbu Desa is perfect for spending time with family, organizing reunions with friends, and even holding meetings because of its complete facilities.

The dishes at Bumbu Desa
In the Bumbu Desa menu list, you will be presented with more than 20 Sundanese culinary dishes. There are several types of rice that you can enjoy, namely red rice, white rice, and liwet rice.

Their flagship dish is the Cobek-style gourami fish. In addition to fish, there are delicious chicken dishes, such as laos chicken and chicken with soy sauce. They also offer a selection of seafood dishes for seafood lovers.

Another typical Sundanese dish is Karedok, which is a favorite dish for everyone visiting here. There are also dishes made with Pete (stinky bean), Pepes (steamed in banana leaf), and stir-fried water spinach.

Doesn’t it perfectly depict the traditional countryside atmosphere? Are you interested in enjoying traditional Sundanese countryside dishes at Bumbu Desa?

If you’re curious, you can visit Bumbu Desa, which has branches almost everywhere in Indonesia. You can bring your family, friends, best buddies, or even your partner to enjoy the warm countryside atmosphere here

Translator : Rafah Camelia


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