Sate Ayam Podomoro


Based on the name “Podomoro” meaning the peoples who come up to the stall of sate Ayam (chicken satay) Podomoro with the aim of releasing their hunger. My team from also comes to participate and choose a seat not far from the satay grill in this restaurant. A puff of white smoke and throws of sparks were a typical sight in that afternoon.

We immediately ordered a serving of mixed chicken satay (meat, skin, and liver) and rice with sweet-orange ice. Less than five minutes later, my order arrived with a plate of onion ready to eat. A delicious taste of spices sprinkled on chicken satay with chicken meat that feels soft is a characteristic of Podomoro Satay. We need to pay IDR 20, 000,- for one serving of satay at a reasonable price because it tastes delicious.

Photo By @diladol

In this restaurant, the customers sometimes have to queue to get a seat. After finished eating, we talk to someone who had been becoming hereditary customers in this restaurant. “I have been a customer in this restaurant for a long time since I was in elementary until worked. The first time I came here was with my father after we walk around at Malioboro,” said Alexander Benie form Kwarasan. Sate Podomoro founds in 1959 and becomes one of the legends of Satay in the city of Yogyakarta.  In addition, the owner chooses Friday as a holiday with the aim to be able to do Friday prayers in the mosque.


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