PUNCAK SOSOK – Enjoying night tourism in PUNCAK SOSOK


When the day comes, we’re already busy with our routines, but after it finishes we can enjoy for a while in evening. You air. One of them is Puncak Sosok. It becomes the tourism attraction in the night because it has beautiful spot. The popular spots there are very instagramable and famous.

The good time for visiting Puncak Sosok is in the afternoon you can turns dark. Puncak Sosok is usually visited in the afternoon to evening time. Most of the visitors make it an alternative tourism place option besides phenomenal tourist area that is already known by many tourist “ Malioboro”. In Puncak Sosok the atmosphere is tend to be quiet, not too noisy and there are sound of nature moreover, there are many visitor in the weekend.

It becomes one of plenty of cheap tourism object in Yogyakarta. People can escaping the crowd of downtown. Visiting here, you only need to pay voluntary fees. It is used to maintain the facilities and develop the place as well by citizen nearby.

You can take a photograph with the selca booth in several spot there. Another facilities that is already available are praying room and toilet.

The location is in Bawuran, Pleret, Bantul. The way to get there is quite difficult because have to pass throught the up and down mountain passage. The downhill bikers had taken a fancy to it’s passage because they can practice there in addition the way is too narrow for car, Puncak Sosok opens till 10.00 p.m. there are a lot of warung (eatery) and straw hat that make the sceneris are instagramable. So , what are you waiting for ! Sobat  Visiting Jogja let’s go there and try beutiful scene of Puncak Sosok. (san/rag)


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