Enjoying Tugu White Paal Jogja : Hanging Out In An Instagramable Cafe


People must be smart choosing a good place for hangouts according to their wants and satisfying their needs. In Yogyakarta, there are many kinds of coffee shops. In the beginning of this year, 2019, was already built a coffee shop located in the northwest of Tugu Yogyakarta Monument. The name is Kebon Ndalem. The location is very strategic because it is in the city center and near the Yogyakarta,s icon (Tugu Monument). So, you can enjoy the magnificent night views with a famous icon of Yogyakarta  from the balcony of this coffee shop.

From this spot you can clearly see Tugu Monument. Of course, Tugu Monument is very famous among the tourists who visit Yogyakarta and sometimes it is used for an tourism events held here. This cafe has an unique and modern concept. It has 3 floors. The first floor’s interiors are built prettily in order to get an Instagramable effect for customers who like hunting a photograph. The second and third floor are designed as comfortable as possible to become a space for relaxing. There is also balcony for the customers who like an outdoor space while enjoying night view of Tugu Monument from this cafe.

The owner uses an interesting concepts building this cafe because of the spot offered here. So, people can enjoy the view of Yogyakarta’s icon with their families or friends. Furthermore, people who come from out of Yogyakarta city enable to buy souvenirs here because it is available in the first floor.

Dear all Sobat Visiting Jogja! You can visit this cafe just for hangout with your families or friends. Besides, you can also here for doing your school homework or tasks woth your colleges. There is also meeting room available here if you need space for work meeting. Don’t worry, for you that belong to camwhore, there is a space for selca because one of the main unique offerings here is a take a picture at a spot which overlooks to the Yogyakarta’s icon “Tugu White Paal Monument”.

This cafe has a modern and beautiful decorations so that what make you feeling cozy eating meals and having some coffees here. You will be satisfied because the menus here are variety. They serve coffees, meals, desserts, snacks, Indonesian foods, Western foods. You can try having a recommendation meal and beverage in this cafe, those are “es kopi darat” and “sop buntut Kopi Ndalem” (oxtail soup).

The location is reachable. If you ride a motorbike, don’t worry about the parking lot. It is wide for parking a motorbike. Otherwise, if you drive a car, you need to go to Diponegoro street for parking your car because of limited parking lot around this cafe. So, what are you waiting for? (san/rag)


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