A Romantic Part of Jogja in Ramayana Purawisata Ballet

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Ramayana Ballet is a traditional dance and musical performance telling a love story between Rama and Shinta (one of puppet character in Java). You can see this performance in Purawisata Yogyakarta (also known as Mandira Baruga) located in Brigjend Katamso-Ireda street. It has an amphitheater with a capacity of people around 600 seats. This ballet has already held since 1976. They always show a magnificent ballet by performing the dancers with beautiful costumes accompanied by gamelan music. In 2002, Ramayana Ballet Purawisata has received an award from Indonesia Record Museum (MURI). They receive that record because of their consistency performing Ramayana Ballet everyday till 26 years continuously (source: www.amazingramayanaballet.com). And now, in 2019 Ramayana Ballet still continuously performs the ballet more than 40 years.

The performance of Ramayana Ballet in Purawisata starts from 8 PM – 9.30 PM.It is a full story dance performance. Accompany with gamelan (Javanese traditional music) and Javanese singer (called sinden), this ballet truly tells a romantic scene of Rama and Shinta. Ramayana Ballet also performs other scene about Rahwana and Hanoman that is one of character in this story. The visitors will be surprised by a scene setting on fire that is usually called “Hanoman Obong”. This part is interested to capture the photograph with a background of this theatre itself.

Other facility of Purawisata is a buffet restaurant . It is named Gazebo Garden Restaurant. The visitors are be able to dine in here before the performance. This restaurant serves buffet menus and barbeque. The menus are traditional food. In addition, you can feel like in the classic atmosphere of the Sultan’s Palace (Kraton Yogyakarta) because it has the architectural design of Kraton. (san/rag)


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