Designer from several regions in Indonesia participate JFW 2020 Launching

Photo :

Jogja Fashion Week (JFW) 2020 was launched on Wednesday (5/2/2020) at the Jogja Expo Center Yogyakarta, attended by 23 designers from Klaten, Solo, Sukoharjo, Semarang, and Bekasi. Meanwhile, JFW 2020 will take place on August 19-23, 2020 and there are 105 designer will participate in. This event presents ‘Simfoni Mutumanikam’ as the theme, which means beautiful rhythm of the jewel created by the Indonesian People.

In JFW 2020 there will be several agenda such as local products exhibition, seminar, business meeting, fashion design competition, modeling, photography, carnivals and fashion show. By this event, expecting that Yogyakarta becomes one of prominent fashion industry and trend setter in Indonesia. In addition, at the business meeting, it expects to be a profitable business among all parties.

This fashion event also certainly has great impact on the Yogyakarta tourism sector, because it can increase the number of tourist arrivals to Yogyakarta to take part the series of events. (san/yud)



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