Malioboro: the bustling that always be longed

Foto :

The existence of Covid-19 pandemic is not only affecting health aspect of society but also giving stagnancies in almost all life aspects. One of the concrete example can be seen from current situation in Malioboro Avenue. The street that used to be swamped by people, now looks so empty, not much merchants open their stalls or tourists strolling around, only some vehicles and public transportation.

Lot of people are missing the way they can enjoy Malioboro. However, the fact that social distancing movement is one of the best option we can have right now should be a strong reason for us to restrain ourselves, surely for our own good. By doing this movement correctly, we can push the restoration towards normal situation closer. Thus, let’s keep doing the instruction given by the government, so we can visit Malioboro like we used to do. (san/aws)


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