The beaches in Gunungkidul Jogja are always interesting to be visited again and again. The exotic white sand and the crystalline sea water becomes the incredible scenery shouldn’t be missed. Other than this beautiful scenery, we can do various activities in the beach just like in Sadranan beach which offers swimming, snorkeling and canoeing package.

Sadranan Beach is located in Pulegundes II, Sidoarjo, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. If you are from Malioboro, you will take about 2 hours or about 66 km away. Going to Sadranan Beach is easy because there are many signsboard direction that can lead us to this beach. Even bus can reach this beach location by taking bus specific route.

The name of Sadranan Beach is taken from the word ‘Nyadran’, which is signified to Javanese ritual. This ritual is done to express the people’s gratitude for God’s grace. For the reason that the majority of the local people worked as fisherman, this ritual is such a deep sense of gratitude because fishing has been succesfully done at the moment.

Sadranan Beach offers beautiful white sand. And what makes difference between Sadranan and other beaches is a number of corals situated close to the seashoreline. In addition, there is also a big cluster of corals located in the front line of Sadranan beach. This big corals rock is such a wave breakers so that the sea waves could become calmer before reaching the seashore line of Sadranan beach.

At this beach, the visitors can have relaxed, swim on the beach and do sun bathing. Just like in Nglambor Beach, the visitors can also snorkel in this beach. By renting snorkeling equipment of IDR 50,000, the visitor can have guided snorkeling to enjoy seeing the beauty of underwater world. The visitors can see various beautiful coral reefs and the marine life. The snorkeling activity is ideally carry out in the morning and afternoon after 3 p.m to avoid the sunburn. Please don’t forget to capture underwater world view. The guide will be glad to help you to take your best snorkeling picture.

You don’t like to have snorkeling? Then you can try canoeing activity just like in Bali. By renting a canoe and safety equipment around IDR 50,000, the visitors can canoe around the beach and head to the big coral rocks area. Canoeing becomes the visitor’s favorite activity once they came to Sadranan beach.

Otherwise, the visitors can relaxely sit around the beach area by renting gazebo available. There is also camping ground area for the visitors who want to feel beach camp in Sadranan Beach. If you can’t bring your own tent, you can rent a tent here. Not only getting unforgettable camping experience, you can also see the beautiful sunrise and sunset view in this beautiful beach.

The facilities provided in the beach are quite complete. Gazebo or rest area, toilets, bathrooms, mushola, food court and spacious parking areas are available here. If visitors want to stay overnight there are several homestay and bugalos close to the location of Sadranan Beach. Some lodging are managed by local people so the accomodation price is affordable.

The entrance ticket of Sadranan Beach costs IDR 10,000 per person. For those who bring vehicles, the parking retribution costs IDR 2,000 for a motorbike and IDR 5,000 for a car. Sadranan becah entrance fee is affordable. The natural views of the beach and various kind activities can be done make Sadranan Beach always full of visitors on weekend.


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