Moving forward from the city crowd might be such a medication of the tiredness. And a beach gives such a healing power. Yep, Wohkudu beach becomes the one of the beautiful beaches row offer the white sands located in Gunung Kidul. The beauty of Wohkudu beaches flanked by two coastal cliffs is absolutely amazing.

From the city center of Yogyakarta, you will take about 2 hours to reach this beach location. You can pass Wonosari road or even Banguntapan. From Wonosari road by Piyungan-Patuk-Lapangan Terbang Gading, from the traffic light of this area you need firstly to take the road to the right that will bring you to Playen Palihan-Girikarto market.

From this place you just need to follow the sign direction provided that will lead you to get the area of Wohkudu beach. If you pass by Banguntapan, you need to take the route of Imogiri –Panggak Girikarto, and then follow the sign board direction afforded.

Reaching Wohkudu beach is not easy, you would fight for it. You have to pass quite steep slope. The parking area of Wohkudu beach is right on way side where you can find a small stall that sells many kinds of beverages and snacks near it. Your fight is not yet finished guys. The rocky patch of 300 meters long is waiting for you. It’s kind of good news for those who like trekking activity. Although this tracking is not really hard, but for those who’s never doing trekking, this track might drain their energy.

The tiredness will be paid off once we could see already the shoreline from distance. The long stretch of the bushes will seem like trying to welcome you. Why? Why is there a stretch of bushes at the beach area? Exactly! This Wohkudu beach is actually well known as beach camping ground area.

Especially on weekend, many youngers will fulfilled this Wohkudu beach camping ground. For them, it is such like another alternative that could heal them from daily stressing. Here you can enjoy singing and dancing with your friends and also making a campfire for warming up.

Other than camping ground, this Wohkudu beach is also popular for its fishing spot. So for those who like fishing, you should bring your fishing equipment when you visit Wohkudu beach. You can also cook the fishes you get on the campfire to make dinner on your camping activity. It will obviously fun because all you need is already there. But, you have to remember to protect the nature by not leaving the trashes everywhere. Conserving the nature is our responsibility.

The long stretch of the greenish bushes and the white sands can make this beach becoming more exotic. In addition the two coastal cliffs that flank the beaches area could give us such a calming atmosphere. The breezing and the wave sounds are so hypnotizing.

Not only having an amazing view and atmosphere, this beach is really clean from the trashes. You won’t even see the food and beverages trashes here. It is because there are not peddlers near the beaches area. The visitors are also really caring about the environment so they will bring back their own food trashes. The facilities provided such a toilet and food court area can be found behind the beaches area.

By a quite hard route access and the small amount of facilities, the visitors need only to pay the entrance ticket of 5000. For visitors who are so curious about camping activity and who want to enjoy the camping while doing fishing at the shoreline, let’s ask your friends to come here and see the beauty of Wohkudu beach for yourself.


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