For tourists, the tourism destination located in highlands area becomes the alternative destination couldn’t be missed especially for those who live in a big city area that really missed the clean refreshing air. Yogyakarta has some kind of tourism destination options for the tourists who want to have a vacation in the highland area. One of those tourism villages is Jatimulyo tourism village.

Jatimulyo tourism village is located in Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The tourism village that’s located in highland area is well known as Seribu Kedung Village. Although it’s only such its nickname, the beauty of the lake in Jatimulyo village is really awesome. This Jatimulyo tourism village has 11 lakes or called ‘kedung” that has been managed as tourist destination by the local people.

Some of lake destinations which become the tourist’s favorite destinations are such as Grojogan Sewu, Taman Sungai Mudal, Kedung Pedut, Kembang Soka Waterfall, Curug Setawing, Watu Blencong, and Gunung Lanang. Here the tourists can enjoy playing the water in the natural ponds that are managed by the local people so that those ponds become so beautiful and captivating.

The other alternative tourism destination package can be found here is such cave tracing in Kiskendo or Sumitro cave, the caves that have a unique type of rock. In addition there are also Bird Watching package, camping, outbond, and absolutely culinary tour package where you can try to taste geblek, sengek, dawet sambel, sulingan coffe, tumpeng, and so on.


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