Have you heard about the coming of the ex- US president Barrack Obama to Yogyakarta? In Yogyakarta Obama took his time to have culinary tour. One of the restaurants where Obama visit is Bumi Langit institute in Bantul. This is located in Imogiri sreeet Mangungan Km 3, Giriloyo, Wukirsari, Imogiri, Bantul. From the city center of Yogyakarta you need to take the road to the south direction about 35 minutes. To get here you are suggested to bring your own vehicle or rent a car because there is limited public transportation access from the city center of Yogyakarta. This tourism destination is opend from Tuesday to Sunday at 09.00 – 16.00

Taking The Concept Of Healthy Organic Dishes.

This tourism destination is called as Bumi Langit Institute because other than becoming a restaurant, Bumi Langit is also hold some nature activities. Here you can see directly about the cooking process. You can take the ingredients directly from the nature, the cook them, and enjoy the dish. Not only favoring the dishes menu, this restaurant has also the menu concept of healthy organic dishes. The ingredients that are used to make the visitors dishes are taken by the visitor’s self from Bumi Langit garden. Other than hawing a garden, Bumi Langit Institue has also fish pound and cow farming. Those are the reason why Obama were interested to come to Bumi Langit. In addition they got information about this restaurant already since they were in USA. In the end they took their time to come to this restaurant when they were in Indonesia.

Family Friendly Destination
Once you were here you would be pleased with the beautiful nature scenery. The architecture of this restaureant building is Javanese house archiceture of Joglo where all the sides of this house are open. Those can give you a fresh air because you can feel directly the breezing wind. Just like its concept of traditional joglo, the furniture of this restaurant are also tranditional. The tables and the cahre are made from wood and rattan which are already hard to find. These furniture could give us strong caalming atmosphere of Javanese life. So that’s why this restaurant is such a great place to have family gathering. If you want to come to this restaurant with your family, it should better if you make a reservation. Bumi Langit restaurant is always full of visitor especially on vacation.

Healthy Appetizing Menu
This restaurant offer healthy menu. And it could be guaranteed that it would be free from chemical ingredients. The most popular menu from this restaurant is mie lethek. This noodle is made from tapioca flour that could make this noodle appearance is not as so clear as noodle from wheat flour. That’s why Javanese people call this noodle as mie lethek or dull noodle. But don’t worry about the taste. This noodle taste really good. In Bumi Langit, the making process of this noodle doesn’t use chemical food preservative. The fame of this noodle could make this menu become Obama favorite’s menu. Other organic menu provided in this restaurant are such as mixed rice, fried rice, fried fish, fried chicken, various kind of vegetable menu, tofu, tempe, and omelet. A menu that you shouldn’t miss is organic sliced bread with various kind of sweet home made fruit jam.

One of the beverages that becomes the icon of this restaurant is Kefir dan Kombucha. Kefir is fermented milk drink similar to yogourt but the taste is different. You can choose special varian of kefir and add organic fruit jam or original honey. In other hand kombucha is fermented tea drink. It tastes unique and it’s healthy absoulutely and free from artificial sweetners. Those beverages are the menu you must try once you came to Bumi Langit.

The Loyal Price
The menu offered in this restaurant costs from 20.000 each portion. It is affordable enough compared to the flavorful taste of the dishes. In this modern era, it’s difficult to find a traditional concept of restaurant that has also healthy organic menu just like in Bumi Langit Institute. So if America president were here already, what about you?


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