Merapi Volcano museum was built since 2005 by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource, the provincial government of DIY, and the regional government of Sleman
Merapi Volcano Museum or called as MGM was inaugurated on October 1st 2009. The museum of 4470 meters square built on the area of 3,5 hectar was been expected to become the new geo-tourism asset in the area of Yogyakarta Special Region Provinc (DIY)

Merapi Volcano Museum is equipped by the chambers that has special concept on each chamber like Volcano World, On The Merapi Volcano Trail, Human and Volcano, The earthquake and Tsunami, The land movement disaster, The Diorama of Survey equipment, Extra-terrestrial Volcano, film show which are also supported by other additional facilities.

This museum was built to apprise the volcano’s acitivity especially Merapi Volcano. You can also observe various types of volcano and its explosive eruption through panel museum. In addition the artifacts of Merapi Eruption which are like the wrecks of the motorcycle and home appliances, and also the pictures of the eruption in 2010 can be seen here to complete the other erupution pictures of various volcanoes in Chili, Italy, Hawai, USA and other places that you might ever saw.
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