In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Yogyakarta city which is increasingly developed by modernization, it turns out that there are still many myths that are still believed even by modern society. One of the myths that always intrigues travelers in Jogja is the myth of the twin banyan trees in Alun-alun Kidul, Yogyakarta.

The Yogyakarta Palace is flanked by two squares, namely the north square (Altar) and the south square (Alkid). These two squares both have two twin banyan trees in the middle of the square. The people of Yogyakarta consider them are the twin banyan trees sacred. However, there is a myth that makes travelers or tourists who are more attracted to twin banyan in Alkid.

Alun-alun kidul itself is located not far from the palace. From the Sultan Palace, you walk to the south where you will see Plengkung Gading which is the entrance to the Alun-alun Kidul Yogyakarta.

Alun-alun kidul is most visited in the evening. Both tourists and locals flock to every corner of the square. Most of them sit together while chatting and gathering with relatives, and friends while enjoying the snacks around the square.

One of the attractions that made people come to Alkid is the myth of the twin banyan trees. That myth is whoever could manage to walk between two banyan trees with their eyes closed, it is said that their wishes and desires will come true. This mythical ritual is called Masangin.

Even though it sounds to be easy, but it turns out that many people have failed to pass the trees succesfully. Many people have tried and succeeded many times, but when they returned to Alkid, they were still curious to try again.

The Masangin tradition itself has existed since ancient times when the Sultanate of Yogyakarta was still glorious. The originin of the Masangin is performed during the silent topo tradition which is performed every 1 suro night. The Topo Bisu tradition was carried out by soldiers and servants by circling the fort without saying a word or silently.

The soldiers and servants dressed in complete Javanese traditional clothes lined up neatly. They started the Topo Bisu ritual from the Palace courtyard towards the main square then passed the two twin banyan trees. It is believed to seek blessings and ask for protection from enemy attacks.

From there the Masangin myth developed. If we can cross two banyan trees with our eyes closed, then all what we want will come true.

In addition, the area of the Alun-alun Kidul which is quite spacious is also used as a training center and activities for the Keraton soldiers. Soldiers usually hone their concentration by walking in the middle between two twin banyan trees.

This myth is strengthened by the belief that in the middle of the tree there is a talisman to repel the enemy. It is said that when the colony’s soldiers passed through the middle of a tree, their strength immediately disappeared. Because of that, there is also a belief that whoever manages to cross the two banyans, he is able to resist reinforcements.

Besides Masangin, Alkid’s appeal of tourists are the various games and the lively lights of the colors that adorn the odong-odong that crowd the atmosphere of the Alun-alun kidul. Coupled with the laughter of people who try their best to pedal the pedal car.

Jogja’s typical night culinary are often found here. In the midst of the breezy night breeze, it is certainly tempting to taste wedang bajigur, wedang ronde, roasted corn, cilok, and others. If you want to eat heavily, tourists also don’t have to walk far to the Wijilan area which is famous for its gudeg menu.


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