Interesting Tourist Attractions on Mount Kuniran


There is no need to travel abroad for vacation because there are many tourist attractions in the country that are even more beautiful than tourist attractions in other countries. Furthermore, the price is, of course, less high when compared to abroad.

In fact, numerous tourist destinations in Indonesia draw foreign visitors. As a result, there is no harm in taking a vacation outside of the city, such as to Joga. There are tourist attractions in that area that are popular with both locals and visitors from other countries.

Mount Kuniran is a new place to visit, especially in the afternoon; the area is gorgeous. At the top of mount Kuniran, it will be easy to see the sunset. It doesn’t end there. If you turn your back to the north and look south, you will see the beautiful blue sea south of Jogjakarta.

At night, when you’re on the mountain, you’ll definitely be able to see the sparkling lights from the city of Wates. There are also many good places to take pictures there. On the other hand, the place is great for both hanging out and taking pictures.

Location or Address of Mount Kuniran Tourist Attractions.

If you want to visit the Mount Kuniran tourist site, it is located in Pandu Hamlet, Hargorjo in Kokap Sub-district, Kulon Progo Regency, Jogjakarta. The mountain is open at all times. Because the location is available 24 hours a day, friends who enjoy camping can visit.

Here is how much it costs to get into tourist spots

Regarding the entrance ticket price, there is no need to be concerned because it is pretty reasonable. The reason for this is that the area is relatively new to tourists. On a weekday, the price is only Rp. 5,000 per person. On holidays, you will be charged Rp. 7,000 per person.

With the entry fee, which is not too expensive compared to other tourist spots, you can enjoy different views of nature on the hill. There are also free places to take pictures and other facilities.


When it comes to facilities, it is, unquestionably, reasonably complete, though it still requires improvements. Moreover, the most crucial factor is the parking lot’s location. It’s not huge, but it has bathrooms, toilets, boat photo spots, and much more.

Besides, the most exciting thing happened at night because there would be live music, which could attract people. Well, if you come from afternoon until night. Then you will feel satisfied because you can not only watch the beautiful sunset but also listen to live music while eating the food provided.

Even now, more and more facilities are being built so visitors will be happy when they come. Also, it’s a spotless place. So, if you want to make a good impression, it would be nice to take care of the natural environment there so that it stays nice.

Tips for Visiting Tourist Attractions

We already know that this location can be visited whenever you want because it is open 24 hours a day. Even so, it is preferable to come in the morning or afternoon to enjoy these attractions. But first, you must arrange for a travel service to Mount Kuniran. There are currently many travel agencies that offer assistance to these locations. You must exercise caution when selecting a travel service to avoid undesirable situations.

Again, ensure you have everything you need, whether for a day trip or a camping trip. After that, check to see if there is anything left before you leave. Also, bring your camera to remember every moment of your trip to that place. This way will make the trip more fun.

That’s all the information that can be conveyed to you regarding information about Mount Kuniran. Hopefully, this can help those of you who are curious about this one tourist spot.



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