Finally times dies not have to spend at home, city park, or shopping mall. let’s try another fun outing with family in farm and it such people may know Jogja still have some areas considered as farmland. In Sleman, it has  Agrotourism namely Bhumi Merapi.

You don’t have to get confused to have family time with children or go out in the weekend. It is because in Sleman, Yogyakarta has Bhumi Merapi Agrotourism since Dec 20th, 2015 ago. Bhumi Merapi agrotourism is one of new tourist attraction in Jogja. It is located in Kaliurang street 20, in the right behind Hargobinangun Village Meeting Hall, Pakem, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta. According to it’s name, the location of Bhumi Merapi is in Merapi Feet.

This place is proposed to the education concept to all visitor. So, we wonder if it is a good place to spend holiday with family.

Entering to the area you will be welcomed with the building like a Joglo. You may take a rest there. In a front of Joglo, there is an icon, which is tree trunk, such a photospot for the visitors to take a selfie it is like a trunk growing at the Merapi mountain.

In Bhumi Merapi agrotourism, the visitor provided to play and interact with the animals such feeding rabbits, touching snake skin, milking ettawa, drinking milk for sheep with the bottle, touching turtle back. Not only that, it is usualy used for outbons areas. It’ll be interesting place for visitor because the can ride a little ponies here. It sound great! Children must be happy. Don’t worry about savety, because it is provided by instructors that ready to guard pony riding.

Just spend 10.000 rupiahs to join riding pony. You can take the children around Bhumi Merapi by riding pony. Very fantastic, isn’t it? Well, the holiday will be much fun!

Asking about the entrance fee, don’t! It is very cheap and affordable. To enter to this location, you only need to pay 10.000 for the ticket. With that price, you enable to have nice experience in Bhumi Merapi. It is proper for hanging out with your nice children because there are many attractions here such as outbond activity and interact with animal. So you can learn them about how to act with nature. (san/ynr)


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