Yogyakarta is well-known as Tourism City that has a lot of tourist objects offered. One of them is in Sleman Regency which is very famous with temples around there. Different to Prambanan temple that is already known around the world, Candi Gebang is a beautiful small temple that people have not known it.

It is located in Condong Catur area, South Side Gebang village, Ngemplak, Sleman. It is approximately 11 km from the city center of Yogyakarta.

The temple is small because it is only one here. Standing between large field makes the scenery is so beautiful. The grasses are growing well in that ate because the keeper plants it well. No wonder you visit this temple and spend more time with your family or friends to enjoy the sightseeing here.

Candi Gebang is a Hindhus temple because you can find Lingga and Yoni in this temple complex. Lingga and Yoni become characteristic of Hindhus temple. The first discovery is done by citizen around that complex. They’ve found a statue called “Ganesha” then they indicated that there wil be a temple around that place. After that they dig those soil in 1938 and discovered it’s temple so called Candi Gebang. Historycally it was built in 8th century.

Nowdays it becames tourist attraction. To visit this telmple you only pay 2000 for adult and 1000 for children. (san/rag)


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