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Yogyakarta is not only well known as the city of education but also as the city which has various culinary. Other than Gudeg, one of the popular legendary cuisines in Jogja is Sego Pecel Bu Wiryo (usually called SGPC bu Wiryo) which started since 1959. This stall that is located in the middle of the academic environment of Gadjah Mada University makes this stall having a good selling point.

Talking about the history of SGPC Bu Wiryo, this stall was started in 1959 by the married couple of Dario and Suyati who have the family name “Wiryosoenarto”. When this stall was started, it was situated in the eastern part of KPTU UGM. And in 1994, this food stall moved to Agro street, CT VIII, Sleman, in the northern part of Mataram canal (Selokan Mataram).
SGPC Bu Wiryo still maintains simple interior where it features the wooden tables and benches which gives us strong impression that SGPC Bu Wiryo is modest and remains consistent in inheriting traditional culture. In addition there is also a music group who play pop and folk songs to entertain you when you come to this stall.

As the name implies, the main menu of this stall is sego pecel (rice and pecel). It’s not usual sego pecel already known but, it’s sego pecel with special dressing. You might be surprised, because in less than 2-3 minutes, the menu you ordered is ready to serve. The speed and the efficiency of the waiters become the main standard service to appreciate the customer advent. You don’t need to worry about the price, because a portion of sego pecel with side dishes cost about Rp.10.000 – Rp.12.000. Is that affordable, isn’t it?



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