Yogyakarta is famous as Gudeg city because in every corner of this city, we can find this food every time (even at midnight). The cuisine which is made by young jackfruit or in the Javanese language called Gori becomes the trade mark of this city. Gudeg Yu Djum is one of the legendary Gudeg where the locals and the tourists always look for that food when they come to Jogja. Many branches of this outlet in Yogyakarta prove that this Gudeg has authenticflavorful taste and becomes the favorite food of the people in Jogja and also the tourists who visit this cultural city.

The specialty of this Gudeg is the using of authentic family recipe starting from the first generation till the fourth generation. Yu Djum, the owner of this gudeg is 78 years old woman who has 4 children, 12 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. All Yu Djum’s family member can cook Yu Djum’s authentic Gudeg. The owner started this restaurant for the first time in her house at Kaliurang street km 4,5 Karangasem Catur Tunggal III/22 Yogyakarta.
The typical taste of this Gudeg who made by an old woman who has 12 grandchildren is mixed between sweet, spicy and savory because it is cooked traditionally by using firewood to cook Gudeg. The heat level by using firewood for cooking is always stable so the food and the spices will be mixed well in and it will be cooked perfectly.
The Complete menu of Gudeg still become the main dish of Gudeg Yu Djum which consists of rice, Gudeg, Sambal Krecek, chicken; chicken liver and boiled eggs. You can also choose your own favorite dish. The price of each menu is affordable. It costs between Rp.6.000 – Rp.35.000.

Do you want bring the Gudeg home for your family? You don’t need to worry because this restaurant offers you the gudeg package in besek or in kendil (pottery) so you can bring it easily. There is also the price range then you won’t be confused to choose.
The price starts from Rp.35.000 (for saving package) to Rp.180.000 (for complete Gudeg, Krecek, Chicken and eggs). This food souvenir gudeg package could be eaten last 2 days and it could last longer if you keep it in the fridge.
Location of Gudeg Yu Djum
You can discover 3 branches of Gudeg Yu Djum in Yogya which are located in Solo, Karang Asem and Wijilan street. If you find other gudeg places namely Yu Djum, it means that restaurant belong to the branches of Gudeg Yu Djum which is operated by Yu Djum’s grandchildren.



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