Gudeg is Jogja’s cuisine which is often used to call this city because we can find this food easily everywhere such from the city center corner to the small alley in the village. In other hand, there are many legendary gudeg stall we can discover in Yogyakarta and in Sleman which one of them is called Gudeg Batas Kota

Gudeg Batas kota is opened at 21.00 to 05.00 a.m. Since this gudeg stall is operated, this stall is always full of customers so if you want to taste this gudeg you must wait in line and must be patient to wait. This gudeg stall is located in Urip Sumoharjo street (Solo street or about 400 meters to the west of Demangan intersection)
I’d prefer to cancel my dinner time only for enjoying this legendary gudeg made by mbak Maryani because of some friends and people review about this gudeg. I arriveed at Gudeg Batas kota around 22.00 to order a portion of steamed rice tofu, eggs, krecek sambal and a glass of hot orange juice. While waiting my order, I saw that mbak Maryani is really good and efficient in making a portion of gudeg, so that I didn’t need to wait any longer to enjoy my order.

In my opinion, Gudeg Batas Kota has a typical taste in its cooking technique to make the young jackfruit being soft so that it will taste very sweet. In addition the spicy flavor from sambal krecek, the nice tofu and eggs will make this gudeg taste becoming more special. What a delicious food! A portion of Gudeg Batas Kota costs Rp.20.000. It’s quite pricey a portion of gudeg, but you won’t regret it, the flavorful taste.



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