The village which is located around the trace of “Umbul Warungboto” is the part of Rejowinangun residence that was built by Hamengku II. The existence of that Umbul is memorialized as a prosperous Umbul in Warungboto society.

Warungboto tourism village has the area of a square of 86,6 Hectar. This village is located in Umbulharjo sub-district area, near EX.T Square and Gembiraloka zoo. This tourism village has also an important role in sustaining the tourist destination object. Warungboto tourism village had even become those both tourism object corporation by making an inclusive package tour. This tourism village has also many potential tourist attractions in art, culture, culinary and crafting aspect.

In Warungboto Tourism village, we will also discover the river stream of DAS Gajah Uwong, and this is the reason why this tourism village develops the sustainability of river tourism for recreational activities such as Gajah Uwong river tracing and River walk.

Potential attraction
• The Cultural Heritage Buildings Site of Tuk Umbul, the big residence of Kasultanan Keraton which becomes the icon of calendar of annual events of merti tuk umbul where it shows the ballet performance.
• Wojo factory, which reputedly was a factory of various steel products.
• Culture and art performance such as:
1. Karawitan
2. Kethoprak
3. Guyon Maton Art Performance
4. Javanese Literary Arts of Macapat
5. Classical Dance and Garapan Dance
6. Jathilan Folk Art
7. Reog
8. Modern Music (Band)
9. Kraton’s soldier show (Bergodo)
10. Keroncong Music

Traditional ceremony and tradition of MERTI TUK UMBUL
To support the attractions in Warungboto Tourism Village, traditional ceremony and merti tuk umbul which philosophically become cultural practice are frequently held to sacrifice our body and our soul before entering Ramadhan so we are able to fervently worship during that holy month. Through the traditional ceremony and other tradition, hopefully we could build public consciousness of the importance and harmony of togetherness for Warungboto people especially on how they would behave in society.
Primary Package Itinerary:
08.30 – 09.00 : Welcome Dance
09.00 – 10.00 : Exploring Cultural Heritage Building Site of Tuk Umbul
10.00 – 11.00 : DAS Gajah Uwong river tracing
11.00 – 12.00 : Traditional Performing Arts Attraction of Jathilan
12.00 – 13.00 : Handicraft and Culinary Attractions
13.00 – 14.00 : Lunch with traditional menu

Remark : Reserve a day before arrival

• Warungboto Homestay
• Ndalem Warungboto Homestay
• Rumah Nenenk Homestay
• Muzwinart Digital Homestay
• Omah Mapan
• Bale Ayu Warungboto
• Vayes Homestay

Contact Person
Antoro – 081227395569


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