The nature tourism destinations of Jogja are never disappointing. They can always make us curious. If you are having vacation in Jogja, you should explore one of the Yogyakarta’s regencies located in the western side namely Kulon Progo. Kulon Progo is well known for its beautiful nature tourism destination. One of those nature tourism destinations that are quite popular is Pule Payung. This tourism destination has begun to open since 2017. However, it’s kind of new tourism object; you shouldn’t be surprised if Pule Payung could attract already many tourist visitations that are not only from Jogja but also other region.

Pule Payung tourist object is located in Suropati, Hargotirto, Kokap, Kulon Progo. From the city center of Jogja, you can pass Godean street. Then you need to follow the route until reaching Kiskendo cave. From this cave you have to take the route to the left near the gate of Kembang Soka waterfall. Afterward, you must follow the direction to Kalibiru. Arriving in Kalibiru, you will find the sign board direction that will guide you to reach Pule Payung. The location of this tourism destination is far enough from the city center of Yogyakarta, but you don’t need to worry about that because the route access of this location is easily accessible. You should better to come here when the skies are clear because the route would become slippery when the rain falls


Enjoying the beautiful scenery from the top of the hill
Pule Payung offers us the fresh air and the beauty of the nature. This tourism destination is located 500 meters above sea level. From this top of this location you can see the beautiful scenery of the greenish trees located in Menoreh hill and Kalibiru. The spacious Sermo reservoir can also be seen from this location. In the afternoon the breezing air will give us a relaxing atmosphere.

Instagenic Photo Spot
One of the attractions of Pule Payung is its various photo spot areas. Not only becoming instagenic photo spot, this spot could also challenge your adrenaline. Some of those photo spots are Sky bike which is quite extreme because you can take picture on the hanging bicycle. In addition there is a spot of Sky Wing which is not so high but it could make you feel swinging between Menoreh hill and Sermo Reservoir. Lollipop spot is a round spot that looks like a lollipop where you can get the greenish view area surrounding as your photo background. One which becomes the visitor’s favorite photo spot is Space photo spot. In this spacious space you will find many kind of properties like table and chair. This space can accommodate up to 100 persons. Isn’t that fun, is it? It would be great also if you could have a photo with your friends here. Other than those photo spots has been stated, there are still also other photo spots like Wolu spot, Heaven bridge spot and Flying chair spot that are as beautiful as the previous photo spots.

Complete facility
Not only offering the beautiful view of the nature and instagenic photo spot, Pule Payung is also kind of a great place for those who like camping activity. There is an outdoor area to hold many kind of activities like camping, outbound, flying fox, and other outdoor activities. That’s no wonder if Pule Payung is becoming the university student’s favorite place to organize gathering activity and night gathering. The facility provided is also complete. There are toilet and bathroom, public Mushola, Parking area, spacious gazebo, pendopo, food court area and homestay.

Affordable Entrance Ticket
The entrance ticket of Pule Payung is really cheap. It costs only Rp.5000,- for a person on weekdays. On weekend the cost is twice as much as usual. If you want to try selfie spot the cost should you pay is started from Rp. 10.000,- up to Rp. 25.000,-. You can ask the photo service that you can take your photo directly by paying Rp.3000,- for a sheet of photo. It’s kind of affordable price, isn’t it? This location can also become the right place for those who like photography. Don’t forget to bring your own camera. And you need to pay Rp 10.000,- for a camera. Pule Payung starts to open from 08.00 to 16.00. For those who doesn’t like being in crowd, you are suggested to avoid to come on weekend because it’s always full of visitors and you need to queue absolutely once you wanted to take a picture on the photo spots provided.


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