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Kasongan is one of the areas in Bantul, Yogyakarta, which is known as the center of making abundant pottery crafts. The pottery in Kasongan is transformed into various crafts with the desired shape and size. In every corner of Kasongan there are craft sellers who are ready to attract attention for customers. Not only a place to sell crafts, but Kasongan also has a unique museum that exhibits a lot of pottery and art called MusemKu Gerabah.

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MuseumKu Gerabah is a museum containing pottery crafts and a cafe located in Kajen, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, Bantul Regency. The museum was built by artist Timbul Harjo, who is the rector of ISI Yogyakarta, and opened in 2023. MuseumKu Gerabah has a unique building design, in which the entire building is shaped like a terracotta-colored dome. In addition to its unique exterior, the interior of the museum applies a beautiful industrial style in the indoor and outdoor areas. In the indoor area there is an exhibition room or gallery as well as a collection of sculptures, paintings, and other works of art. The outdoor area has wooden chairs and umbrellas.

Not only crafts can be seen, but visitors can also enjoy MuseumKu Gerabah Kitchen. After seeing the works in the museum, visitors can rest in the cafe and order delicious food while enjoying the view or taking pictures with instagramable spots. The cafe serves Javanese specialties. The various menus offered are priced from Rp17,000 to Rp25,000.

pic: @threesixgun

MuseumKu Gerabah is a tourist spot as well as an education for visitors who come, because every aspect of this museum is beautifully made and knows the history of pottery. There is also a pottery class that teaches how to grind and knead, so that the craft reaches the final completion stage of painting and coloring. In addition to learning about pottery, visitors can also buy souvenirs typical of MuseumKu Gerabah.

Translator: Sofia Annisa Levinawati


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