Most of visitors might know Kasongan, the only one ceramic village and the center of pottery industry in Yogyakarta. But, who knows about the history of pottery industry that actually started from Pundong. In Pundong area, there are 3 villages that make pottery crafts since long time ago. Those villages are Jetis, Pundong, and Pajangrejo.

The pottery crafts created in Pajangrejo village are so various. They are such as household appliances made of clay like tungku, water vessel and modern decoration like vase, candle holder, lampshade, wine cooler and other fascinating decoration.

Not only having various kind of pottery product, the pottery makers are always trying to make an innovation on their product and also establish it. The pottery product provided in Pajangrejo tourism village isn’t only a plain or even colored product, but they are also using a cover technique to create an innovative product. The cover technique is applied by covering the pottery product’s body by using other media like eceng gondok leaves, rattan, dried banana fronds, or dried leaves so it could make the product being more artistic and it could give also an economic value. It can be proven that the innovation of pottery product by using cover technique could increase the pottery product of Pajangrejo’s enthusiasts

Other than pottery craft, the nature potency of Pajangrejp village can also attract the visitors. The natural rural atmosphere becomes tourist attraction. The visitors can also enjoy some art performances provided here.

In addition, the administrator of Pajangrejo Tourism village is always trying to make an innovation by installing some selfie spots for the visitors and also make up some villages icons like Gunungpuyuh suspension bridge so that it will look more captivating and artistic to become a selfie photo spot.


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