Yogyakarta is the one of the domestic or even foreigner favorite’s tourist destination’s city. Even the city of Yogyakarta is not as big as other regions; it doesn’t stop Yogyakarta to develop its tourism potency. One of the visitor’s most favorite tourism destinations is tourism village.

One of the tourism villages which become the visitor’s favorite destination is Nglinggo tourism village. The village that’s located in Kulon Progo can be reached in about 60 – 90 minutes by motor vehicle from the city center of Yogyakarta.

There are many activities can be done once you came to this tourism village. Other than understanding the traditional rural life, the visitors can also learn everything directly like making local culinary as well as Gula aren and geblek or learning traditional culture such as Jathilan, Lengger Tapeng dance and making mask from the society.

The natures around Nlinggo tourism village would be such great place to explore. Those natures potency are such as tea plantation area, pine wood, and the challenging one, Curug Watu Jonggol. This destination is really challenging because to reach this cascade area the visitor’s need to pass the hard track. But all that hard effort would be paid off by the view of the refreshing waterfall and the fresh air of the nature.

Not far from Nlinggo tourism village area, there is a location that becomes the sunrise hunter’s favorite location namely Suroloyo Peak. Suroloyo peak is the highest peak of Menoreh hill. The visitors need to take about 10 minutes to get to Suroloyo peak.

The visitors who want to stay overnight, the administrator of Nlinggo Tourism village offers complete accommodation like homestay, meeting area or Pendopo, and the tour package that could be chosen according to the visitor’s budget cost.


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