Pentingsari tourism village is one of tourism villages which become the pioneer in developing village potency in Yogyakarta. Pentingsari tourism village is located in Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman Yogyakarta. The village location that’s in the slope of Mount Merapi could make this village has refreshing air at afternoon even at night. This tourism village was inaugurated in 2008 by offering nature and culture tour package as its main attraction.

Pentingsari village is such a great place for the ones who want to have relaxed from their daily business. Here you can do many activities that can release the stressed in your body and your mind. The rural and the natural atmosphere, the refreshing air of Mount Merapi slope area, and also the local hospitality could charge your soul and bring your energy back.

There are many activities can be done rather than enjoying the beauty of the village nature. Here the visitors won’t only sleep all the day, but they can also join in various kinds of activities and get involved directly in local activities like plowing, rice harvesting, and fishing. The visitors can even also join in short course of Javanese dance, karawitan, janur craft making course. In certain time the visitors will be also invited to join in kenduri ceremony or the village thanksgiving ceremony. If they come in group, this village offers also outbound and muddy football.

Having satisfied by doing some activities in this village, the visitors can also visiting some tourism destinations near Pentingsari village area. Those tourism destinations are such as Kaliurang and Kali Kuning that has the beautiful landscape view of the greater Merapi. They can come also to Sendangsari fountain where the local believed that the water of this fountain can cured various kind of diseases. There is also Batu Luweng which becomes the trace of Diponegoro Prince struggle to fight against Dutch invaders. The visitors can visit also Watu Gedong, Watu Payung, and others site touristic provided.

Pentingsari village has also Joglo Herbal, a place to get herbal treatment. Here the visitors can have consultation about the certain herbs. In other hand, they can also get the seed of herbs and various kinds of organic vegetable.


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