After the Merapi eruption in 2010, the tourism sector in Sleman has precisely increased with the presence of the Lava / Volcano Tour. Where tourists are invited to explore the remnants of the Merapi eruption using a jeep or trail bike. While walking along the tour route, there is one shop that you cannot miss, it’s Merapi Coffee Shop.

Merapi Coffee Shop is located in Petung Hamlet, Kepuharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman Regency. Initially the coffee in this shop was named Petung coffee based the name of the area. But recently this Petung coffee was known as Merapi Coffee.

Here, visitors can enjoy steeping coffee beans that are planted directly on the volcanic soil of the slopes of Merapi Mount. There are two choices of coffee types offered, namely robusta coffee and arabica coffee. For the side dish, this shop only provides various fried snacks and instant noodles.

Merapi Coffee Shop is the only building in the area. In the past, the owner of this coffe shop worked on coffee plantations. However, the eruption of Merapi in 2010 destroyed his coffee plantation. Until finally he had the idea to start a Merapi coffee shop business. To save expenses, the shop owner uses materials from the eruption of Merapi around the location to build the shop.

In November 2012, the Merapi Coffee shop officially operated with a traditional concept. The processing of coffee beans still uses the traditional method which use roasting coffee using a clay pan and using wood fuel. Until now, there have been two semi-permanent buildings whose building next to the stall is a prayer room who built by the donors.

The location of the Merapi Coffee shop is on the road to the Merapi Lava Tour. The route from Kaliurang street is to the north direction to the Pakem intersection, then you choose the direction to Cangkringan. After a few kilometers, there is a signpost to Kinahrejo Village which is now known as Merapi Lava Tour and Mbah Maridjan House or Petilasan.

After passing the Merapi Lava Tourism, there will be directions to the right towards Petung Tourism Village. Follow the road in the residential area of Petung Village for several hundred meters and then you will arrive at the Merapi Coffee Shop.

The atmosphere at the Merapi Coffee Shop is quite cold. Occasionally, you can hear the sound of jeeps carrying lava tour tourists and trucks carrying sand. The environment is arid and sandy, making dust often scatter when vehicles pass. Even though it’s annoying, the shop owner can’t do anything much about it because the environmental conditions have been like that since the eruption of Merapi.

When the weather is clear, while enjoying coffee, visitors will be greeted with a clear view of Mount Merapi from this place. Merapi Coffee Shop is still a favorite place for tourists to stop by after exploring the slopes of Merapi.


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