Today, there are many places to go on vacation. Not only going to the mountains and other places for fun. You could also go to a beach, which will be a great experience that you will never forget. There are a lot of beaches in Indonesia that we can go to, and we can go to them. If you want to go on vacation, you can go to Ngrawe beach.

You should visit this beach if you are in Yogyakarta. You need to know that there are many beaches in Yogyakarta that are still natural, but there are also beaches that get a little bit of help to make them better. One of these is Ngrawe beach, which is in Kemadang or Gunung Kidul.

As a tourist spot, this beach is also trendy, called Mesra beach. This is because of the power of social media. While other beaches show off natural beauty, this Ngrawe beach has a plant theme that is very different from other beaches.

Price of admission

As you know, people who want to go to the beach have to buy a ticket. When it comes to the price, it’s a good deal. To buy a ticket, you can go to the entrance of the Baron beach retribution and ask for one.

It costs just Rp.10 thousand to get in, 3 thousand for motorbikes and 5 thousand for cars. Even so, the price could change at any time because of the policy of the beach manager. So don’t be surprised if the price goes up or down.

Visiting hours for Tourist Attractions

If you want to go to this Ngrawe beach, you don’t have to worry. Because you can go at any time, It is also open to the public all day and night. That way, you can go at any time to do what you want.

Coastal oasis

Some people think that if you go on vacation to the beach, it means that you enjoy nature. The first thing that comes to mind is swimming, surfing, playing in the waves, and having fun in the sun. Even so, there are views here that aren’t like the rest.

Why? When you go into the Ngrawe area, you’ll feel like you’re in a beautiful garden. Also, behind the pandan and pine grass, there’s a long stretch of green grass.

Other than that, there are a few white park benches that can be found there. It looks like the garden is around a strong gazebo row. In each gazebo, there are also small shops and delicious food stalls.

Ngrawe Beach’s beauty

It’s important to know that this beach is one of many in Gunung Kidul. It’s near other commercial beaches that aren’t as well-known as this one. The power of social media means that even its name is getting out because of it.

This beach also goes by the name of Mesra Beach, but that’s not the only one. Because this isn’t a surprise, there is a reason for this: This Ngrawe beach is lovely and also very attractive to look at. This makes anyone want to visit this beach. There will be a plant theme on the beach to be very different from other beaches.

Ngrawe Recreation

Besides a beautiful and neat arrangement, the beach is also very good and has become Instagrammable for today’s youth. It’s because there are so many great places to take pictures. If you want to go to a green park, adults and the elderly are usually very excited about it because it makes you feel at home and makes you feel like you’re at home.

In addition, it is also an excellent place to relax. If you don’t know already, this grassy area should not be walked on without care. Every building is strong and safe. It is also a great place to go on a family picnic.

Beach & Sea Conditions

If you pay attention, the beach area will be mostly white sand and the smell of coral. On the other hand, The coastline of Ngrawe has a lot of big rocks that are like the beach’s mascots.

Additionally, this beach isn’t huge, and on the shoreline, you can find a stretch of rock. This means that the waves aren’t too rough. It will still be comfortable and pleasant to walk around if you take your time.

There is no more information that can be given about the beautiful Ngrawe beach tourism, so that’s it. Hope this can give you the information you need about the beach.


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