When on vacation, it’s natural to want to visit interesting tourist attractions. Countless tourist attractions can be visited, from nature tourism to culinary tours to simply sightseeing in open natural areas.

If you live in Yogyakarta, there are a lot of exciting things to see and do. One of them is Kosakora Hill. Besides being a good place to go on vacation, it is also an excellent place to camp. If you want to go to this place as a tourist, here is the information you need:

The history of how Puncak Kosakora came to be

Initially, this tourist spot was not made as a commercial destination, and this place was a hilly area. No one has come here in the last decade. Still, after several young people camped there, that activity inspired the community to manage the hill. Eventually, It attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Now, not a few people come to this tourist spot to enjoy the view and camp with friends or the community. You can visit this tourist spot not only on weekends, but it is also open on weekdays and holidays.

Entrance Fees and Ticket Prices

If you want to go to this place, you have to go through Gunung Kidul, which is in the southern part of the Yogyakarta area. At this point, you can go to the coast of Gunung Kidul and find your way to the top of Kosakoa.

Regarding the price of admission, when you want to go up to the top, you have to pay first a beach entrance fee. Don’t worry because the price is quite affordable, just 10 thousand rupiahs for one person. Later, if you want to climb to the top, you can pay an additional 2 thousand rupiah.

Some costs and permits must be paid if you want to camp. For one night, you simply need to pay ten thousand rupiahs, and you will have access to all of the camping site’s facilities.

Moreover, when it comes to parking expenses, you have two options: pay once in and stay overnight. You merely need to pay 5,000 rupiahs for one entry and 10,000 rupiahs if you want to stay. The entry fee for the motorcycle is 3 thousand rupiahs, and the night’s stay is 5 thousand rupiahs.

Do not forget about operating hours. At the peak of Kosokara, the place where you can camp, there are no strict operating times because it is a camping place. Come and leave whenever you want, because it is open all the time. But don’t forget to keep the area clean and orderly while you’re doing things there.

Interesting Activities at the Puncak Kosakora

  1. Enjoying the Beauty of Kosakora Hill

The Kosakora hills surrounding the beach in Gunung Kidul make the beach so enjoyable to look at. By getting to the top of this hill, you can see the typical kart hills of Gunung Kidul a lot better.

2. Enjoying Natural Panorama

At the top of the hill, the landscape and natural panorama are also pretty impressive, as you can see views of green grass and trees. At 50 meters above sea level, you can view the surrounding green grass and trees.

3. Enjoying the Sea

Because it is near the sea, you can also come and see the beautiful southern sea. You can watch the waves roll right in front of you, which shows off the natural landscape at the top of kosakora. The white sand will stand out against the brown and green land.

If you’re camping, remember to bring a tent and a sleeping bag. If you forget, tent rentals are available. You can rent two types of tents, namely large and small tents, for 60,000 and 100,000 rupiah, respectively.

That is a variety of information about Kosakora’s peak and the exciting activities offered there. Hopefully, this information can assist you, notably those who intend to attend and enjoy the beauty of these tourist attractions shortly.


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