Recently, drinks like coffee have been getting much attention from people who like them. This coffee drink has been very popular with many people for a long time. Most existing stalls always have hot drinks and are known for keeping people awake. Coffee lovers can enjoy so many different types of drinks here.

Many different types of coffee are sold in the stalls. There are brewed coffee, black coffee, milk coffee, and many more. In contrast to Jogja, which has a unique coffee called Kopi Klothok (Coffee) found in Kaliurang. It is a type of coffee made by putting water and coffee grounds in the same pot and letting them both boil. This klothok coffee is one of the traditional ways people used to serve coffee.

When in Jogja, particularly in the Kaliurang area, it’s not complete unless you’ve tested coffee at the Klothok Coffee Shop in the Kaliurang area. A different presentation will result in a different taste. Therefore, while on vacation in Jogja, make time to try Klothok coffee. The following is interesting information about Kaliurang’s legendary coffee shop:

Along with a selection of coffees, you can also order a variety of snacks and dishes at very reasonable prices that taste just as good as home cooking. The village of Kaliurang’s scenery is presented in a very natural manner. Enjoy a delectable food menu and a cup of coffee while taking in the stunning rural scenery. This coffee is only Rp. 5,000, and there are also a variety of fried foods available.

Location Of Warung Kopi Klothok Kaliurang

This shop is located on Jl. Kaliurang KM 16 is approximately 15 to 16 kilometres from downtown Jogja. When visiting this location, it is highly recommended to ride a motorcycle or drive a private car. Indeed, the place is not far from the city, being in the Pakembingangun rice field area, Pakem sub-district, and Klothok Coffee Shop in the Sleman district.

Whether you’re a backpacker in Jogja? Your visit will be incomplete unless you try one of the city’s best coffees, such as Kopi Klothok in Kaliurang. This shop not only sells coffee but also a variety of other foods that can be consumed in this stunning setting.

Stall/Shop Condition

This stall’s entrance is designed with a low wooden door. Visitors of average height must look down to avoid bumping the door frame, which has been purposefully made a little low. Unusually, this entrance incorporates an intriguing Javanese philosophy, namely bowing as a sign of respect and courtesy to the Klothok Coffee Shop house owner. Additionally, the space is extremely comfortable, with an interior design that complements the room.

This shop is constantly bustling with visitors, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Many visitors complain that they cannot find a table during that time due to the high volume of visitors looking to eat and drink there. This shop is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. WIB.

Various Menus for Warung Kopi Klothok (Shop)

There are varied food menus to try here. This shop’s main menu features various Sayur Lodeh, rolled omelets, fried tempeh, and sambel uleg. At the same time, the beverage menu must include Klothok coffee and lemongrass tea, among others. Klothok Coffee Shop serves not only food and beverages but also snacks.

Certain menu items, namely food and beverages, are also sold in packages. Even though the food looks traditional with various lodeh, the taste cannot deceive the visitor’s tongue.

So there you have it, some information about the Klothok Kaliurang Coffee Shop. Spending time in transit here is worthwhile. The shop is in excellent condition, with various lovely ornaments adorning the space. This is one of the benefits of this shop, along with the beautiful scenery and cool atmosphere that you may not find in urban areas.


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