Tlogo Putri in Kaliurang is a beautiful place that you must see


Visiting tourist attractions in areas you have never seen before necessitates a reasonably comprehensive reference. Water tourism is one of the vacation recommendations.

If you are visiting Yogyakarta, you should spend some time playing in the Kaliurang area. Kaliurang is the city of Yogyakarta’s highest point, with cool air and many tourist attractions.

One of them you must visit is Tlogo Putri, which is located in the village of Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Because this Tlogo (pond) is located on a hill called Plawangan, on the southern slope of Mount Merapi, you can enjoy both water and nature tourism.

There is an interesting myth about this lake. It is said that Tlogo Putri was once a place where angels from heaven went to bathe, which is how it got its name, Tlogo Putri. In Indonesian, the word “Tlogo” means “pond” or “lake,” while the word “Putri” that comes before it means “princess.” People also say that if you wash your face there, you can stay young.

Actually, the Tlogo Putri Kaliurang was used as a public swimming pool in the 1980s. It had become a prima donna but had to close due to the rise of tourist attractions in the Yogya area.

The top happened when Jogja was struck by an earthquake in 2006, and the swimming pool was closed. Finally, the management decided to turn it into a new tourist destination, complete with a variety of more exciting rides, and it was a success.

At this location, you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also participate in various games such as flying fox and canoe or duck rides around the lake. Furthermore, because Tlogo Putri is located in the same complex as Plawangan Turgo Hill, you can explore the forest area that Perhutani directly manages.

Even in the forest, a few tourist attractions exist, including Kaliadem or Kalikuning, Watu Kemloso, and Tlogo Muncar Waterfall. A Merapi Lava Tour Base Camp can also be reserved specifically at this tourist location.

There are also facilities nearby Tlogo Putri Kaliurang, such as playgrounds, places of worship, toilets, trekking areas, and stalls selling traditional food. To enter these tourist sites, ensure you have enough money for a 6,000 rupiah entrance ticket for each person.

Meanwhile, parking fees are charged at different rates. You will only be charged Rp. 2000 for two-wheeled vehicles. Cars cost Rp. 10,000 and buses cost Rp. 20,000 during visiting hours, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This tourist attraction is never closed and is always crowded on holidays and weekends. If you dislike crowds, you can visit Tlogo Putri early in the morning or late in the evening before it closes.

Tlogo Putri Kaliurang also hosts a variety of art performances, which are usually held on Sundays. Campur sari, topeng ireng, Malay orchestra, dangdut, jathilan, and kubro siswo entertained the visitors in turn.

Meanwhile, if you want to visit other tourist attractions near Tlogo Putri, you can first stay at one of several nearby hotels. Even in this location, there are at least ten hotels ranging from budget to five-star. If you come in a large group, you can also stay at an inn not far from Tlogo Putri.

There are still many interesting things to see in this tourist area, one of which is a group of monkeys that appear regularly. They never, however, interfere with the tourists’ activities.

It only takes about 30 minutes to get to Tlogo Putri Kaliurang from downtown Yogyakarta. The road to the location is also quite good and easy to access. Remember to bring your camera because the beauty of Kaliurang cannot be found in other cities.


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