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Bantul Regency has a variety of choices for tourists to enjoy its beauty, from culinary tourism, coastal tourism on the southern coast, enjoying a quiet rural atmosphere, traditional cuisine that pampers the tongue, and a variety of crafts with various types. Besides that, there is also a new tour, namely Banyunibo Waterfall. What is the atmosphere in Curug in west of Bantul Regency? Check it out in the following review.

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Location of Curug Banyunibo

On this occasion, the team enjoyed water tourism not far from Krebet Village producing wood crafts with batik motifs that are well known throughout Indonesia and even the world. The name of that place is Curug Banyunibo, administratively located in Kabrokan Kulon Hamlet, Sendangsari Village, Pajangan District, Bantul Regency.

Reaching to Curug Banyunibo

The route to the location of Curug Banyunibo is very easy, just follow the southern ring road towards the Madukismo sugar factory area, then go to Krebet Village. From the Semar statue in Krebet Village turn left and then go straight follow the road until you find a T-junction and turn right. The signpost to Curug Banyunibo looks small, need a little concentration or carefulness. If you do not want to be lost please ask to the people, there. In the dry season the water debit tends to be small, while in the rainy season the water debit of the waterfall is relatively large.

Menikmati Keindahan Curug Banyunibo. Sumber:

The journey to this place is like a labyrinth game full of twists and lots of small roads. Starting to the asphalt road until the small winding and cast road becomes an interesting view in this place. Entering the area towards this waterfall, we pass a path that has been cast to make the trip easy to go to this tourist attraction. Besides that, the road goes up and down makes the trip to this place more fun and enjoyable. Briefly, we finally arrived in the Banyunibo waterfall. The sound of flowing water and the friction of leaves caused by the wind make the atmosphere feels so peace, calm and coolness that pay off all the challenging trips.


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